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Dr. Lynne Cahill

Former Senior Research Fellow in the Natural Language Technology Group.

Contact details Lynne now works at the University at Sussex. For up to date contact details, please see Lynne's Sussex home page.

Research interests Computational linguistics and language engineering: particularly lexical description (using the lexical description language DATR), multilingual lexicons, computational phonology, information extraction, text parsing and generation.

My main area of interest is in the lexical representation of phonological information and questions of inheritance, information sharing and redundancy within and across languages. I am currently pursuing interests in the representation of phonological, morphological and orthographic information in the lexicon, focusing on the Arabic languages.

I am on the board of SIGMORPHON, the only European member, and co-organised the eleventh SIGMORPHON workshop with Jeffrey Heinz and Richard Wicentowski.

My recent projects have included PolySyn PolyOrth METAPHON, PolyLex, RAGS and CLIME.

I am currently working on an ESRC funded project ArabOrth (full title "Orthography, phonology and morphology in the Arabic lexicon").

Other activities Member of ACL (including SIGMORPHON and SIGGEN) and LAGB.

Outside interests I have two daughters, Alice (19) and Hannah (14) who take up a lot of my free time. I am also interested in football and cricket (as a spectator) and support Ipswich Town (for my sins!). I also teach Linguistics and English Language at the University of Sussex.

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